“WeightCare Indy has given me my life back! The program has given me the structure I have needed to control my eating and take off the pounds. The staff has given me the encouragement and tools I will need to keep it off. The meal replacements have taken the guess work out of dieting. I was doubtful that I would be able to survive on 800 calories a day. To my surprise, it has been easy. I’m never hungry and as long as I stay mindful about my goals I’m rarely tempted. Anyone will be able to lose weight eating this few calories but what makes WeightCare Indy the right choice for me has been the support. The support of not only the staff but the support of the other members has been the greatest benefit of this program. At the rate I’m progressing, I will hit my goal before long. However, I will continue with the program until I’m confident that I have developed the necessary habits to keep the weight off for good. The meal replacements have made this the easiest program I’ve ever been on. I don’t have to count calories or carbs and I am not hungry. I just eat the four meals a day, drink a lot of water and watch the pounds consistently fall off every week. The rapid weight loss is a great motivator. Another difference with WeightCare Indy is the medical supervision. This is an extreme diet and I would never attempt it without the oversight of a physician. Dr. Pike and his team have been with me throughout this process. They have my health and best interest at heart. Everything that is medically wrong with me is weight related. Since joining the program I’ve seen my blood pressure and cholesterol drop. I’m sleeping much better and I am no longer stiff and sore all the time. I went to the beach for spring break and was able to run and play with my 10-year-old daughter for the first time in a long time. She tired out before I did! Thank you WeightCare Indy!”Shawn G, WeightCare Indy Member

“It worked for me!”

Beverly Woods, WeightCare Indy Member
“It worked for me! When my Cardiologist told me I was “a little heavy” and then diagnosed me with “simple obesity”… I was devastated. I didn’t feel or even think I looked overweight.

After being in denial for 6 months, then trying and failing many fad diets, I started looking into weight management. Once I discussed it with my doctor, I decided to join WeightCare Indy.

There were and are four key points as to why I joined and have stayed with the WeightCare program:
1) It is overseen by both a doctor and a clinical social worker.
2) The meals taste good and actually hold you until your next meal.
3) Great relationships are developed through the group.
4) The group supplies you with tools to teach healthy eating and learn new strategies to maintain your weight loss and a healthy body. As a bonus, A nutritionist comes in to prepare and serve delicious dishes and drinks!

I joined WeightCare Indy in April 2017 and have lost over 30 pounds and am down 2 dress sizes in 7 months.Beverly Woods, WeightCare Indy Member