Curious what it would look like to become a member in one of our medical weight loss programs? We’ve broken down the steps to starting your journey below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these steps.


Program Orientation

Program Orientation

  • Register to attend one of our weekly Information Sessions to learn more about our medical weight loss programs and meet WeightCare Indy staff members. This is the time we also get to hear more about you!
  • When you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll simply fill out the registration packet and we will schedule your initial visit.
Initial Visit

Initial Visit

  • This is when members are medically cleared to join a program. You will receive labs, an EKG, and body composition analysis. This initial health assessment will help monitor your health as you lose weight.
  • You will also receive a diet and behavioral readiness assessment from our licensed clinical social worker Jody Hirst.
Program Orientation

Induction to Program

  • You will have an one on one meeting with our Physician Assistant, Kevin Bogenschutz, PA-C, to review your lab results and medical history.
  • Based on these results, our nurse practitioner will discuss program recommendations with you and determine the next steps to begin a medical weight loss program at WeightCare Indy.


Program Orientation

Reducing Phase

  • You’ve taken the beginning steps toward losing weight and improving your overall health!
  • Weekly group classes also begin, and provide important support during your weight loss journey. You will pick up your meal replacements for the next week at this time as well.
  • Monthly check-ins with our physician begin during the reducing phase.
Program Orientation

Adapting Phase

  • The Adapting Phase begins when you are within 5-10 lbs of your goal weight!
  • At this point we begin to re-introduce various foods into your daily life and limit meal replacements as your diet allows.
  • You will continue to attend weekly group classes and monthly check-ins with our physician.
Program Orientation

Sustaining / Maintenance

  • Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal weight.
  • You will now switch to a standard diet (3 meals per day) with a light snack.
  • Weekly support groups and monthly physician visits are no longer mandatory. However, we make a lifetime commitment to our members – That means you have regular access to WeightCare Indy support group meetings for life!