Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and the Paleo Diet were ranked in the most popular weight loss programs in 2015. However, when compared to WeightCare Indy’s medical weight loss programs, there are several important differences. Compare the different programs below:

Weight Loss Program

How It Works

Why WeightCare Indy?


Aims to simplify weight loss-meaning that you don’t have to decide on foods, count calories or carbs, or even keep proper portion sizes.

Nutrisystem does not focus on teaching you how to live a healthier lifestyle to lose weight. WeightCare Indy teaches you how to make healthier decisions and gradually incorporate grocery foods so that you are the one in control!


Focuses on counting “points” assigned to food

One problem with the point counting system is that while it limits the overall amount of food, it still allows processed foods, added sugars, and empty carbs into your diet – which prompt your body to store fat.

The Paleo Diet

Eat the same foods that our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors ate.

The Paleo Diet may not always be realistic for everyone, and it is difficult to alter your lifestyle to follow the diet. This could result in a failed effort to lose weight. WeightCare Indy offers meal replacements that can be taken anywhere while teaching you how to choose better foods once you finish our program.

WeightCare Indy
(Robard Corporation System)

Involves four phases of weight loss for safe and effective long-term weight loss and improved overall health (learn more about What to Expect).

WeightCare Indy offers a well-rounded, medically managed weight loss program that focuses on allowing users to lose weight while learning how to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, weekly classes and checkups with specialists allow you to have support and resources during the process.