It is no secret that our lifestyle (i.e. food choices, exercise habits, daily activity, etc) effects our weight. But is there something more? Why do some people who follow the same diet as others not have the same results? Or, for instance, you may be a person who watches what you eat…you may monitor your sugar or caloric intake, and even exercise…but still find yourself never losing the weight you want to. Medicine plays a very important role in getting to the root of these struggles.

Stress and our body’s hormonal response to it can have large impacts on a person’s overall health and well-being. You see, we all react differently to stress because as individuals, we are all unique; emotionally, physically and genetically. When exposed to a stressful situation, hormones and catecholamine’s are released into our body. Each person has a unique chemical pathway and your body respond’s differently than another person in a similar circumstance.

That is why here at WeightCare Indy we want to walk with you on your weight loss journey providing support through our group meetings to help ensure successful lifestyle changes, as well as medical monitoring to ensure you are safely losing weight, but also effectively losing weight by addressing not only your external health but your internal health as well.