About WeightCare Indy

Our Beginnings

Our Medical Director, Dr. James Pike, has long recognized the life changing benefits of weight loss. Throughout his many years as a physician, Dr. Pike has cared for a large number of patients in hospitals and long term care facilities, who suffer from chronic conditions related to excess weight such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and joint pain.

Moved by their suffering and inability to reverse the health effects of their conditions at this stage of life, Dr. Pike began investigating potential programs he could offer to patients of all ages in order to prevent those all too familiar chronic conditions from worsening or developing at all. His efforts have culminated into what is today WeightCare Indy.

Based on the highly successful Robard medical weight loss system, WeightCare Indy provides patients with time-tested weight loss programs. Robard’s medical weight loss programs have in many cases been able to lower cholesterol meds, insulin dependence, and improve kidney function, blood pressure, and more. Dr. Pike and his WeightCare Indy team are passionate about helping our Indianapolis neighbors reach their weight loss goals to achieve lasting weight loss and improved overall health.

Our Commitment is to serve our members with…


Moved by the needs of others to give of ourselves and our time.


Doing all things wholeheartedly, with great care and attention.


Treating all people with dignity as unique, valuable individuals.

  • Lose Weight & Keep it Off…

    Our goal is to safely and effectively help our patients lose weight while learning lifelong healthy habits and seeing long-term weight loss through nutrition, behavior, and exercise.

  • With Consistent Care & Support

    All of our programs offer weekly support and counseling, medically-based dietary plans, and great tasting meals and supplements – all under the supervision and care of health professionals.